WHEN April 2, 2016 From 8:00 AM to 06:00 PM (EST)
WHERE Jerome Greene Hall Columbia Law School

A Word from the Conference Co-Chairs

We are excited to announce the 2016 African Economic Forum at Columbia University--- A Continent Connecting: Solutions from Within.

This year’s conference will build upon last year’s theme of Build Africa, Beyond Potential, providing an opportunity for fresh views and further discussion about African innovations to African problems.

The solutions to many of these problems are rooted in bridging gaps across and within Africa--- inclusive growth within the extractive industries, development of vital infrastructure, expanding access to capital throughout society, and the meaningful incorporation of Africa’s significant youth population into the economic activities on the continent.

The theme of connectivity draws not only upon the centrality of increasing regional, cross-generational, and economic integration to Africa’s development, but also on the means of connection--- technology, infrastructure, and the coordinating political and financial institutions that we see playing an increasingly significant role in finding solutions to Africa’s problems.

Technology is facilitating solutions that have ‘leapfrogged’ conventional development patterns, led by creativity, innovation and opportunity of African entrepreneurship, from mobile money, to other technology led solutions. We aim to showcase the ingenuity of African innovation and discuss ways of harnessing and consolidating these gains to continue transforming the lives of Africans.

Fulton Shiundu

Varlee Sannor

Anjli Parrin

Keynote Speakers

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